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I moved the fox trap.

I moved my fox trap a couple of days ago and followed advice by sticking it in a hedgerow and attempting to camouflage it with dead bracken. My fox saw through my cunning plan and is still at large in spite of clocking on a 10.45 pm last night and visiting the trap non stop until just after six this morning.
I've upped my game since then, by adding more foliage  around the entrance and placing soil in the bottom of the trap to hide the mesh.
In the meanwhile, on the bright side, I got some smashing shots of him last night and of course, there's always tonight.

Cunning or what? ( probably not) and I've put soil in since taking the picture.
Here's foxy ! Smile He gave me 169 pictures spread out over a seven hour period.


That radjel is probably planning on stealing your bolt croppers before it goes for the bait.

if it cant find them a few sticks might have to do the job of jamming the door.

frag mines?

Handsome blighter! Hope you catch him before he teaches the next generation about avoiding traps.
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