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I really want to...

Shoot, prepare and cook a bird for my family.

I was just reading the '3 braces of pheasant' thread, and it got me thinking, that I'd really like to have a go.
Thing is, I don't have any clue where to start looking.

Being that people on here have mentioned it, and/or do it, I figured here would be the best place to ask for advice/guidance.

I used to go pheasant beating when I was younger, and I remember it being great fun, I didn't shoot any (I was too young and probably too much in the mindset that "Awwwh poor pheasant!")

Any directions, suggestions, etc, would be greatly received.

get your shot gun licence then join a shoot in the local area join a gun club they maybe of some use but its not cheap.

sensible beaters are often welcome and can get game or shoots in return ,a beater with a good dog is special

one can usually find pheasant as roadkill which is much more satisfying than shooting semi tame driven birds imho

Pity you live so far away,pheasant control at the allotment is going great guns Wink
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