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I think I killed the Iron Chicken

If the Clangers ever wondered where he/she went, I believe I have the answer

Killed 2 chooks this morning at around 5.30 am local time...very noisy & they'd been roosting in the Wisteria outside the bedroom window

Nabbed no.1 easily enough & dispatched him with what I thought was SAS style however was either bionic or the afforementioned friend of the Clangers

The bastard just wouldn't die.....

It took several stretches of the neck...good ones at that

He finally admitted defeat & all was well

They are plucked & pot-ready

I'm an early riser but here's to not be squawked at at 4.50 am.

Message ends

I use the broom handle method for all but the young birds.
Far quicker & easier & less messy than the chopping block.

after my experience with rapist rooster any bird i need to deal with that has a violent nature is going to get shot in the head.

with any that are handleable ,which is most,i use a block and very sharp heavy blade and make a single cut behind the eyes to the base of the beak.
instant brain death,quite tidy as they dont bleed out much until you dangle em and do a bleeding cut ,no flapping as the cut is through medulla oblongata and takes out the autonomic reflexs that one often gets with other methods (i know they dont feel it if they are wrung properly but the flapping upsets me) .
tis kind and not traumatic for either party so long as you mind your fingers dont come off with the head.

i recon practising on ones you have wrung would be a good way to get the hang of it.precision is vital for a kind and tidy result so if you are at all clumsy or stressed about it use a broom handle(or gun).it does not require strength so the size and robustness of the bird are not an issue but it does need a heavy ,manageable very sharp blade,small cleaver,well sharpened axe or good machete/gp knife are best .if it will cleanly cut a cm thick coppice wand exactly where you want to cut with a single short blow tis an ideal tool.

ps i have seen and tried the through the neck/head off way and tis messy and i recon they retain awareness for some time (french aristos did unless they were pulled back in the yoke by the feet)
if done properly the bit that comes off has about 3/4 of the brain and the big bit retains about a 1/4

tis never a nice job but tis part of raising meat birds and culling ones that need it.

I'd be a bit worried about leaving any of the brain in situ (though I don't doubt your expertise) - did you ever hear of Mike the Headless Chicken?

iirc he was a through the neck job and very weird.

so far my way has been 100% successful for a quick,tidy and seemingly kind end,it is based on data from many other species ( including humans) and tailored to chook anatomy and tested by observation of using it on quite a few over a long time.i have never had one get up or the head give one an accusing look as often happens with the through the neck method.

it attacks the same part of the central nervous system as a properly conducted head/neck dislocation but is easier,even more fatal to the important structures and has the advantage of no flapping.

if i thought it was unkind i would not use it im very fond of chooks and despise the ways many meet their end the world over, im surprised the uk industrial method is legal imho it should not be.

i understand your concern but the parts of the brain that control consciousness and the autonomic systems get taken out in one go and it usually stops the heart instantly or within a beat as well( so a gravity bleed is required),most of the front bit processes eyesight in birds and the small bit left in the big piece is mostly "wiring" to channel information to and from the body.

hope that eases your concerns which are reasonable to mention but are not a problem in practice.
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