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I've been to Cwmstradllyn

I went to Cwmstradllyn yesterday in a vain attempt to catch some fish. Needless to say, I didn't catch so much as a sausage but if you're going to blank, I think that you'll have to agree that there can't be many more beautiful places than here to do it in.

It had been a good many years since I'd been to this spot but as we drove into the hills the memories of my previous visits with our then young kids came back to me.

The first thing that we saw was this relic of a bygone age.

This the forunner of the modern day factory unit. The local men were employed here splitting the slate that was produced from the quarry , it doesn't look a too inviting place does it. ?

Fortunately, this can't be said about the lake. Ospreys and otters are regularly seen hunting it.

More slate splitting buildings in the background.

The quarry.

Inspite of how fishy it looked the fish refused to play the game. Smile

Our stalker perhaps ? Kaz and I have been stalked by one particular sad chap for twelve months now, surely this couldn't be him yet again could it ? Laughing Laughing Laughing

I fully intend revisiting this spot many times this summer when hopefully the fish will prove to be far more cooperative, lets hope so but as i said earlier "what a beautiful place"

The group of buildings above the north side of the lake (about a quarter mile or more up the track from where you park for the lake) was a quarrymens' village. The biggest house was for the quarry manager

That first building was one heck of a way from where the lumps of slate were quarried, i'd have thought that it might have been located closer to the source. There must be a reason for its location, it stands for some more research into local history on my part.

I broke my duck in a very modest way yesterday. My first catch was this very small and thin brown trout.

It was none the less a very welcome capture and it was quickly returned to the water. My next fish was a little better.

A rainbow, which I speedily bonked on the head and put in my bag to take home. My fishing companion for the day was Penny Royal, who outfished me and ended up with three rainbows to my one. She very kindly gave me one of hers so that Rob and I can have one each for dinner today. Thanks Penny. thumbup

That Brownie doesn't look good at all.

Although the water from the lake is used as a water supply for the surrounding area, the resident brown trout have a serious nematode problem. Apparently the environment agency have treated the water in an attempt to sort the fish out and the gutting of fish on the bankside is prohibited.
The nematodes are in the gut of the fish, not in the flesh and some appear to be 'lumpy'.
Thankfully, the rainbows are stock fish and are unaffected.
I wont be eating any brownies out of there, thats for sure. Shocked
woody guthrie

That Brown Trout reminds me of Blinky the fish from the Simpsons.


Nahhhhhh!!!!!! You're getting confused with the trout from the lake at Trawsfyndd Power station. Laughing
Seriously though, when they test the fish for radio activity there, they always test the rainbows and never the bottom feeding fish like the perch or brown trout. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Cunning eh ? Who do they think they're kidding ?

brown trout like warmer water to feed in than rainbows ,cant remember details ,try again in july Wink

The large ruin (Ty Mawr, Ynys y Pandy) was not built for splitting slate at all but it was a factory for processing slate into things like windowsills etc using water powered machinery to saw, plane and polish the slate. It was positioned so far from the Gorseddau Quarry because there was no suitable water supply at the quarry to power the machinery.



Thanks Bill thumbup

No problem.


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