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I've just been given a deer

My mates dog killed it yesterday. He's hacked off the two back legs. My plan is to skin the rest and keep the skin to tan later.
The intestines are already gone but I can keep the liver and heart. Plan to remove them with the lungs and then remove the head. After this I plan to hang it in my cold barn for a few days before cutting.
Does this sound like a sensible plan?

This might be of some help:

I suppose it'll depend on how warm the shed is, how quick the critter died and how quickly it was gralloched. It may also depend on whether the deer was ill before being savaged or if one considered it poached.

fresh enough ,gut ,check organs for vermin,

venison jerky is very yum if you have time to shred and dry it,otherwise butcher and cook/freeze

i dont like hung game but if you do make sure temp is below 5 c and no flies can get at it

dog killed is usually tidier than road killed

ps the neck tendons are the ones to keep for sewing the skin
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