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ID Help please

Found these today growing in our rockery by the pond Shocked
I'm pretty sure that they are not St Georges and to be honest I aint go a clue what they could be Confused
Any thought's folk's........

I'm yet to do a spore print and they stink of Pi** to be honest, Scaly cap, ring in the middle of the stem.......... Confused

White gills, so probably a white spore print, and a ring. So that means most likely Amanita or Lepiota (or something like Lepiota. There are others of course, but it ain't Oudemansiella or a honey mushroom.

Now, you can distinguish Amanita from Lepiota easily, as Amanita has a volva (egg like thingy it grows out of). As you haven't shown that, and as it doesn't look like any of the amanitas I'd expect to see at this time of year, we'll call it a Lepiota. As, in my opinion, none of the little white Lepiota species are worth eating, thats where I would normally stop Smile

I can't fit any species I know that would fit this description with the smell of cat p1$$ anyway.

Cheer's Cab,

My first thoughts were that it was a Amanita of some sort, but there was no Volva bag when I dug up another one, They really do smell horrible........... Sad

Perhaps they are something else that normally smells nice but.

A cat pi**ed on them?
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