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ID needed fast for this shelf/bracket fungus

hi guys and gals

i have found this fungi growing on my mates sweet chestnut tree it is about 4 foot up the trunk i have posted pictures below

the black stuff was found ontop and under it nearlly joined to it
the picture were taken on a a4 size book so you u can get a ruugh size from that if u need any other info post and let me know and i will do what i can

i think it might be Pseudotrametes gibbosa but am no good with this type of fungi

thanks again guys and gals

Thats as good an ID a I could give it too. I find these woody brackets devilishly hard to tell apart.

... assuming that you won't eat it based on a picture ID alone, I would say the same ... Smile

yeah cheers guys im glad u agree with me lol and no i have not eaten it and never would its just like i say its on my mates tree and it was planted by his great grandad or summit like that and did not want to lose the tree oh well to late for the tree then as it only attacks dead trees oh well time to cut it down

This may help:

cheers mate as i thought the tree is a gonna i have just checked spore print and colour matches its a of white coulour oh well time to get rid of it before its to late and falls on someone its
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