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Idiot guide

Would anyone be prepared to to do me an idiots guide to the carbon issue? I'm trying to keep up with it but somehow don't fully understand it. Or post a link to a site that is easy to work through?

Be a good idea, but it's such a huge subject with so many different takes on it.....

Anyone interested in doing something? Blue Peter maybe?

I was thinking like bullet points of main issues. I sort of understand it, but was trying to talk to someone about it who knew even less and was out of my depth TBH.

It'd definitely be handy, just need a volunteer

Its a massive topic. I would have thought that we could sub-divide it up into different areas, and do a sort of 'question and answer' version, rather like we did for bird flu.
Gavin Bl

As a start, the beeb have the following

and there is the Carbon Trust

and Wikipedia is worth a look for, well, anything...

but it is a huge topic, and even if the UK went carbon neutral tomorrow, the benefit would be wiped out in a year or two by China's economic growth.

enjoy - in an 'end of civilisation' as we know it, type of way...

Gavin, as you say, all the talking and screaming and worrying we've done about the "bomb" in the sixties, "the environment" in the eighties, (seventies was feminism) "the planet" in the nineties, is now looking a bit silly and we should just admit that mankind has had it.

But we still have to live our own life through.

I'd like to say that it's more fun if we believe that we might make a difference. Smile

hardworkinghippy wrote:
I'd like to say that it's more fun if we believe that we might make a difference. Smile

Yeah Very Happy

I know it is a bit corny but the

reduce, reuse, recycle

ditty really does hit the nail on the head.

Reduce: stop buying 'stuff', especially what we don't need. That 2 top from Primark or Tesco is manufactured in a Chinese factory powered from coal. The cotton is grown using artificial fertilizer and insecticides. The whole lot is produced by near-slave labour. Minimise fuel use. The obvious ways are home heating and lighting and transport (a gas guzzler with 4 people car sharing is far more efficient than a fancy hybrid with 1!)

Reuse: give any useable stuff away to charity, friends, whatever or sell it. That way the carbon created in its production has not been wasted.

Recycle: the best example is aluminium ( cans, foil, bottle tops, etc) which only needs 10% of the original energy used to process and use again. Also it slows use of ores.

Finally, grow your own.
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