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If you're feeling flush...

Nice and interesting wines for Crimble.
I do miss being in the business occasionally.
Not very often though, and the hours and pay were rubbish. Smile
wellington womble

I'd have thought the after hours made up for it!

I quite like the sound of some of those.

They're a really terrific firm. (Small declaration of interest - Jason Yapp worked for Oddbins for a while and I may have got drunk with him.) They do have really interesting wines and they're decent value IMHO.
wellington womble

Yeah, but you'll get drunk with anyone, so there probably isn't much of a conflict of interest!

Anyone, I'd rather buy from a friend of a friend than someone no-one I know knows.

Mmmm they do look interesting and their place is only a couple of miles from me - just a bit too far to walk (stagger Smile ) home from or I'ld be tempted to go to one of their tastings
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