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Im back keeping pigs again

I think I'm pleased to say that I'm back to keeping pigs again and
if it wasn't for the fact that PB have put the squeeze on my account, I'd love to share photos of the three little Oxford Sandy and Black weaners that I bought six weeks ago.

I'm keeping them on extensive free range with good sleeping accommodation in the form of a nice ark that's crammed with dry straw. Their housing has I'm pleased to say, kept them nice and ' snuggily buggily' throughout the rigours of both ex hurricane Ophelia and now Storm Bryan. Smile I wish I could say the same for myself. At times over the last few weeks I've found myself envying them their comfort, as I've battled through the wind and rain on my rounds feeding my chickens and ducks.

But all is not good in the pig keeping world. The pig industry is however in crisis yet again. As way of example, when I bought my piglets, the going rate for weaners was around £45.00 each but now once again pig prices have fallen through the floor. Good OSB weaners fetched all of a pound each in Market Drayton Cattle Market last week and this is the story across the country.

I'm enjoying keeping my three little chaps but I can't tell you how relieved I am at not having the commitment to pig keeping that I had a few years ago.

Not good news about the industry but more piggies jolly good for you Smile I love OSBs!

if it's just for random image hosting (and not for creating your own albums, though I think you can do that too) you may want to look in to

You can post pics directly to here in the gallery using the Attach File link at the bottom of the posting field.

Have fun with the pigs. Smile

glad you have pigs again , the prices for piggies alive or otherwise has often been volatile to say the least but a pound a piggy is a bargain and a tragedy.

pigs for fun and flavour makes sense if you have space and time or they are on the other rounds Laughing

Hereford market prices aren't unreasonable right now, £20 for coloured weaners. Hasn't seemed to vary much tbh.
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