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In ground composter from a Wheely Bin?

Is this possible?

My local council now charge for green collections and with a relatively small garden I cannot justify the cost.

Can I cut the wheels off and leave the open bottom sitting on bare earth or could I partially submerge it and drill holes in the sides which are under the ground?

Idea here:


im not sure ,i have done mixture and composting above ground

i think i can sort of see that a "pot"for composting with the run off would feed an area downhill but getting solids out would be an issue

most compost "bins"have an easy means to collect liquid feed and to remove compost for planting/dressing

conversion to a wormery seems ideal for a small garden.
Mistress Rose

You could cut the bottom out and place it on the ground. You should then be able to lift it to remove the compost. There are lots of other ways of making compost. The simplest is to make an enclosure of strong wire mesh with a stake in each corner and fill that. Lift away the mesh to remove compost, or dig it out. Alternatively there are any number of composters to buy.

I can't see the point of getting the council to take away your green waste and then sell you back the compost or put it in landfill. Far better to make your own.

In addition there is some pretty dodgey 'el cheapo' compost on the market nowadays. I have bought from a DiY chain an own brand compost to be confronted with stones and glass, and and poorly rotted wood in there, it was compost I wanted not firelighters. I am told that these large 'lorry' style drum compost makers used in the "green in, compost out, don't always make a decent compost. I can live with the wood, but I don't want stones and glass in my compost.
john of wessex

I have a recycle works 3 bay composter

With the contribution from the chickens it looks like I will get more than I can use

The latest lot has come out very nice

Because of the shape of it, I would take off the lid and put that end on the ground. Then cut a hatch in the top for feeding in compost material.
The wheelie would then be easy to push off/lift off the finished compost.

Does your council have a cheap compost bin scheme. We bought several Daley style bins and they work just fine.

Wheeli bins make god dry storage bins, I keep garden stuff in one
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