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In North Lincolnshire

Good afternoon to you all.
I have begun this lark of smallholding as an alternative to what I used to do before (Education) and have an interest in rare breed poultry and generally growing food and fuel.
I have learned many new skills and am generally happy with the life.
Very much into dogs as well and have 2 at the moment with a third possible coming soon.
I am on heavy clay and the past 2 years have been interesting to say the least but it keeps me fit and healthy.
If you have any questions about me or what I am doing please contact me.
All the best and good luck.

Welcome aboard. Smile
chicken feed

Nicky Colour it green

welcome Smile
Green Rosie

Bonjour from France Very Happy

Hello from Devon hello2

Hello and welcome. Smile

Hi John. Welcome to Downsizer -probably the most useful place on the web! We are in North Lincs too (Axholme) so appreciate the problems of heavy clay!

Aye up Mr. Green

Hello there. I used to live in Haxey (and then up the road in Low Burnham) when I was a little kid.

Hello and welcome

I'm in south-ish Lincs, near Sleaford, but my family way back (long way) came from North Lincs so I mean to visit and explore sometime. Whereabouts are you?

We have garden rather than smallholding, but are growing our own veg and fruit and will get chickens soon. So if you have any suggestions for places in Lincs to get good quality pure breed chickens, I'd love to hear them!

We are lucky enough to have loam down here, but are using some extra space on friends' land in next village and that is heavy clay. New experience for us too! Our allotments in Manchester, before we moved here, were on sandy soil - very light, quite a contrast.

I'm up in Ealand -right in the middle of the wind turbine triangle (60+ and rising within 4 miles) We have a large garden too.
There used to be a couple in Crowle who had all sorts of rare breeds -poultry, pigs including mangalitzas, cattle and sheep but last time I went over there everything was gone.
I know Tracy was trying to get permission for a static caravan but the council wouldn't give it. Had it been a livery stable they'd have got it no problem. I'm wondering if they found somewhere where they could live on the land. It's a shame because they are lovely people who had excellent stock and were only too happy to give help and advice.
Whereabouts are you John?

hello ,im in yorks and also like dogs

Hello & welcome. I like dogs also & live in France

we have dogs here aswell
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