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Jam Lady

Insectivorous Plants

I thought this might intrigue some of you. As you'll see if you follow the link I was recently at a wholesale water plant nursery that specializes in
Sarracenia which are insectivorous plants.

nice, i have kept drosera and venus fly traps , a chum had jungle pitchers of various sorts.

fun but high maintenance in captivity. some of his pitchers on vines were big enough to eat a mouse once a year and he never seemed to have insects flapping or buzzing in the house Laughing

never seen those ones before but the form of the pitcher is similar to very different spp.
Mistress Rose

Very interesting Jam Lady, but I am afraid I am not a fan of insectivorous plants. We have sundew in the UK, but I rarely see it as I live on dry chalk and it likes wet acid conditions, but I do know somewhere it grows naturally.

A good thing that he is growing those so that the natural growing places are protected to some extent.

They are fascinating...they were included on our BBC Scotland gardening programme last week, "Beechgrove " they were being grown in a greenhouse within a greenhouse with other insectivorous plants.

Nice read JL Smile

I do like plants that eat things. I should have a few around the house to get those pesky flies.

I did used to keep Venus fly traps a good number of years ago but found them hard to keep. Should maybe try again now I'm a little older.
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