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Insurance needed to grow and sell produce (Vegetables)

Hi Everyone.

I am thinking of growing a few food items and selling them to resturants etc.. One question I have is " do I need insurance" public liability theere any other hoops I need to jump through in order to sell a bit of produce?

Hope you can help.



im not sure re veg ,eggs is a bit complex ,shroom picking is a strange subject .

hope somebody knows

Thanks for your reply.

It was mushrooms I was mainly thinking of growing.


I have product liability which allows me to sell my cider, eggs and anything else that I produce on my holding.

It's always a good idea to have liability insurance. We have it (from the NFU)for our eggs, apple juice and plants.
Rob R

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You'll need to register as a food business with the food hygiene department of your local council. Public liability insurance should come under your general business/premises insurance, it does if you're with the NFU.

Thanks for your replys, I will check out my current insurance policy and contacty my local council.

Thanks Again.

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