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Interest rates vs monthly fees

So I'm paying off an overdraft and a credit card. The OD has a 15/month flat fee. The CC is - I think - 29% APR.

I am thinking that at a certain point it is more effective to live off the credit card to clear the overdraft entirely (i.e. the extra charges at 29% will be cheaper than 15).


I'm just having a brain fart about it.

For less than 620 the credit card interest would be lower.

Thank you Very Happy

(It's one of those days...)

Apply for a 0% balance transfer crexit card thst you can do cash transfers on and then trasfer the lot and pay nothing other than the few% transfer fee.
Mbna or barclay card have great offers on long 0% offers.

Santander have a good one too. If you have a current account with them, their acceptance levels drop.

Barclaycard do have an annual fee as well, I think? Both mine are 99.

Ideally yes but my rating won't currently allow that :/
(I tried on a "this card accepts everyone!" recommendation from MSE but even the attempt leaves a footprint so ugh)

Have a look on moneysaving, i took 6k on cash transfer card and im earning more in interest in tsb and tesco accounts than the fee, i pay the minimum payentns out of the account and then transfer onto a second 0% rate card when its colse to the end of the offer, shuffling between barclycsrd and mbna i have been doing this for nearly 4 years andcearnjng jntersst on ameone elses money.
My barclaycard platinum is fee free for me but i had an account with them when i got it.

Yeah I know the concept, but my rating's shot.

Check whats messing up your rating at its free forever and dont sign up to their offers but look at whats actually on you report and then see if you can get a transfer csrd, look into them before applyimv and onlyvapply for a maxkmum of 2, ifvyou get knkcked back work on your rating to try and improve it.
Dont get losds of credit searches on your history but its got tobe worth a punt at one or 2.

I thought that MSE had a 'Can I get this card/deal?' checker/calculator thingy that avoided actually putting an application in? I may have made that up though.

I'm not being funny but I know my financial position, I've used MSE since about 2006, I've used the tools, I've recently risked a credit application and been rejected which damages credit, so my best action is to leave well alone and minimise the cost of doing so.

It probably has something to do with getting ill, losing my job, living on said credit card until I couldn't afford another rent payment, months of unemployment, and a current very low salary.

I wouldn't lend to me right now.

No problem, many are no so clued up on the workings of credit scoring and lender requirements so i thought i would post the link, the site is free to use and equivelent to equifax and experian for showing up any problems.
stumbling goat

Do you know of a friend who might be able to help you out with a zero interest balance transfer credit card in their name with you as a signatory? Would have to be a close friend I suppose?

Or with you not even a signatory but just somewhere you can park that debt for now at zero interest as long as you keep making the minimum payment to them?

The debt will not go away, I know that, but it may buy you some time and breathing space.

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