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Interesting idea

Crowdfunding shortly. Must check the bank account!

Nifty if it works well.

I can't imagine how it would work. Will watch for more details.

Bit more info. The cells of the comb are broken up in to vertical strips so that they can be moved up and down relative to each other and grind the honey cells.


It's a great idea, & should prove very popular with those that have a lot of money & don't like getting stung by bees.
But keeping moving parts working, when they have been covered in honey will be a problem IMHO.
Anything sticky will atract dirt & I see it gumming up quickly.
Also fast setting honeys like rape & ivy & fixotropic honey like manuka & heather will cause problems as well (again IMHO).
My philosophy has always been K.I.S.S. to the point where I've sold my extractor & gone crush & strain, so in completely the opposite direction.
Rob R

I like it in the comb, even more KISS.

Crush and strain is far too much like hard work for me Tav, I am quite happy to make use of centrifugal forces but I have a national as well as a topbar.

We had a conversation about comb honey last night. Part of setting ourselves new challenges for the coming bee keeping year. I would only eat it nowadays if it was from (my own top bar) hive. It would give me at least a rough idea of what was in it. That's me being purist (ish). Smile

What on earth do you think organic foundation is? This was also suggested last night.

Still interested in this idea. I can see pitfalls but bee keeping is such an inaccurate science in any case.

Organic foundation is made from wax from organic bees.
The UK is such that it's impossible to have organic bees.
We can keep them organically but we have no control over the crops they forage.
Only parts of the world where there are large amounts of wilds like the forests of Victoria & Tas down under can you get real organic honey.
The nearest we can get is to keep them as naturally as poss, ensure no chemicals get put in the hive, including refined sugar & site them as far away as we can from intensive agriculture/horticulture.
In theory the Highlands of Scotland would be possible but you are relying on one crop (heather) & if you have a bad year, which often happens, your bees starve or you resort to sugar feeding.
You say crush & strain is more work but IMHO most of the work with extracting is the clean up afterwards.
There's less washing up involved when you ditch the extractor.

This has really taken off! Goodness knows how the company will supply all the pledged Flow Hive systems. They set out to raise $70,000 and are currently a little short of $11,000,000!

Well they say they can supply 7000 boxes and there is a few left for the $600 pledge so i guess they must of known how many they will be able to make.
Its certianly the biggest crowdfund i have seen.
Good luck to them.

Surprised this one hasn't done better:

This has really taken off! Goodness knows how the company will supply all the pledged Flow Hive systems. They set out to raise $70,000 and are currently a little short of $11,000,000!

Strewth ! Shocked

You wouldn't be able to sleep at night would you ? Very Happy

Maybe reviewing life and your objectives - Should you really be messing with bee hives - or perhaps a modest trip to reconsider options may be on the cards ? Laughing Laughing

Surprised this one hasn't done better:

Sounds like a sneeze.
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