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interesting 'request' from the tax man

letter this morning.

We need to check some details about your tax credits.....

Its from Concentrix on behalf of HM Revenue & customs

Appears to be genuine and asking for details of both of our self employment including:
hours we work & breakdown of that work, including bookings/appointments and invoices, AND insurance docs for vehicles used for business purposes....

Im under the impression that we have just been picked at random, but wondered if anyone else had had similar?

I'd be very suspicious. Can you contact HMRC and see if it's genuine?

email or hard copy?

Login through Gateway and ask an online advisor. They'll tell you in an instant.

Oh proper letter in the post...
has my national insurance no on it too!

How can I check whether the letter I have received is genuine?

Genuine correspondence will contain both the HMRC and supplier logo on the top-left of the page. If youíve received a letter but are unsure if itís from an agency working with HMRC you can check the HMRC website for more information or you can contact HMRC directly.

What should I do when I receive a compliance check letter?

You should call the number given in the letter before you attempt to gather all the documents requested. Compliance check letters are computer generated and making a telephone call first may help to resolve the investigation, or reduce the number of documents you are asked to send.

The telephone adviser should be able to tell you what specific documents are needed in your case. You can also explain why it may not be possible to send certain documents, and the adviser might agree to accept documents from you that are easier to locate.

Once you have confirmed the documents needed, you should send them to the address given in the letter as soon as possible, before the deadline stated in the letter. This is necessary to avoid your tax credits being suspended.
john of wessex

Basically HMRC are looking at 'self employed' Tax Credit claims.

A large number of people have been shunted into self employment usually encouraged by HMRC but are in fact either not working at all, or are only undertaking minimal work.

This in turn has an impact on Tax Credit entitlement - Working Tax Credit in particular

Mind you though wait until Universal Credit is rolled out to the self employed...........
john of wessex

Have a look at

To get some idea of what they are after and what you will be asked to provide in future

wee chat with the accountant on Monday I think....

Im not overly concerned. Partly because I have got to the stage where they can stuff it, and I can now afford to tell them to get stuffed.
I will not be in this country when they roll out universal credit and despair for anyone who has to live with this.

This once great country seems to want to persecute the poor, the ill, the elderly, carers and those on low pay. Sad
Mistress Rose

I would agree with that Lorraine.

I'm guessing they are just about to move you onto UC.

Part of being on UC as a self employed person is proving you are actually trying to make a living. They will also assume that you are earning at least min wage for every hour you work. Start ups are given a bit of slack re making a profit but you can only do that every few years (so lets hope we dont have another financial hard time).

We had an advanced warning letter a couple of months ago re this.

Lots of the people they pushed into self employment will now have to stop & be unemployed again.

If I can keep going in some form or another until June.....just till June.

But will take accountants advice on this.

Yes, Richard - watch the unemployment numbers soar....
Must make Cameron very proud.......

To be fair the unemployment rate won't soar immediately, I think it should start to show about 6 months into the next parliament withthe way the figures lag, thst way if labour do get it they can be blamed
john of wessex

I pay Housing Benefit for a living..............

AFAIK here are no plans to move the Self Employed to UC at present. The rate of take up of new claims is positively glacial and the work involved in transferring the existing 'legacy benefit' caseload is immense.

However HMRC are looking at their 'self employed' caseload for reasons I have explained earlier
john of wessex

According to Rightsnet there will be no 'managed migration' until 2018 so all existing claimants are safe until then
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