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Introducing new hens.

My sister wants to get some point of lay hens, probably not more than three or four. She has one five year old hen left from three she started with. How's best to do it? Take the older one away for a little while so the others can get established in the run? Pop them in overnight and let them get on with it?

Might it be a good idea to dispose of the one old hen to give a chance to clean the house thoroughly before the new arrivals.

Your sister will hate it if the old hen attacks the new hens or the new POLs attack her.

This is so not an option. Smile

Perhaps if they live right next to each other for awhile.

If they are going to live next to each other I would move the old hen to the new location, and put the new hes in the established house. It stops the old hen being so territorial when they are put together.

We have always done the recommended thing of putting them into together at night but in daytime having them in separate runs or parts of a run - where they can see each other close up and get used to each other, but not attack each other.

We did this about three times and it always worked fine, but I never had just one hen to deal with.
Nicky Colour it green

tbh i just shove them in at any time and rarely have a problem - but.. the hens have lots of space and cockerel helps smooth things over

Thanks all. I've always just put new ones in at night and not had a problem but the ratio is usually the other way around.

If they're 'dimbo' hens such as Warrens, then their shouldn't be too much of a problem and as has been said, I always mix them together at night time..
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