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invasive aliens

linky to paper

i dont feel quite so bad about feeding brazing flux and sugar to the argentine ants having read this.

the table of risk is rather interesting and give some idea of which ones to bother most about should you spot them, a few are well horrid in the wrong place.
Mistress Rose

Reading that list, maritime agencies must be very worried, as the forestry industry is very worried about several of the species on that list.

I've worked with four of the twenty seven authors!

Very interesting (and worrying) paper.


it seems some problems will be inevitable and that such "travel" by species is best dealt with as soon as the issue is identified.

the deal with part is tricky and expensive, i would happily have a go at the local grey squizzers but unless we went for genocide as an entire island over a few years my few stews and bbqs wont make any difference, plus there is the "ahh cute" and armed response team should one start where they are fattest and fed by folk Laughing
Mistress Rose

One way to minimise the spread is to be careful about bio-security as they are in Australia. I know in the forestry industry it has been very lax. The main reason Chelara ash die back is thought to have come in is because British seed was taken to the continent to be grown on then brought back as 1/2 year old whips then planted here. Plans to bring in chipped wood from areas of the US for bio-mass power stations without being careful of pests and diseases was objected to very strongly by the Forestry Commission as being a good way of bringing things like emerald ash borer into the country. Bringing in large plants packed into lorries without it being possible to inspect them thoroughly is another route.
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