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IPv4 problems

Our internet service occasionally loses connection to my ISPs IPv4 Gateway according to my router. This means pages take ages to load.

I don't think it's a PC problem as when the error occurs it affects all devices connected to the router.

Does anyone know if the problem could be with the router or due to line problems or is it likely to be something wrong with my ISP?

I can't see how it could be a problem with the router as it only occurs for a few minutes at a time. I also can't see how it could be a problem with the line as it often seems to happen first thing in the morning after the router has not been used for a while. But then I don't know much about IPv4 gateways' technical workings.

Can anyone shed any light on the issue?

Sounds like ISP but possibly line.

I know the line isn't great and can understand how that affects speed due to data errors etc, but I can't think how it would affect the IPv4 gateway? Also my ISP has yet to suggest using a different micro-filter/master socket/hop-on-one-leg-whilst-sacrificing-something-to-openreach type suggestions which makes me think it's not a line problem.

We had what sound like similar problems at work (Arts Centre, Chip Shop doesn't use the internet much). It turned out to be an ISP problem, took ages to get them to admit it was their end though. Good luck.

Sounds like ISP, I had a couple of years of engineers visits and denials, until a guy turned up who knew instantly it wasn't connected right at the street junction and fixed things for good.

There may be a setting on your router that is connect on demand, so it only re-establishes the connect once you try to connect to the internet.

I cannot find any setting on the router and I've not had the problem with the same router on a different line.

My ISP seem to be ignoring the fact the router says that it cannot connect to the IPv4 gateway and only seem to refer to a general connection issue. They're also ignoring the fact I've said it tends to happen first thing in the morning by running a line test this evening and declaring everything is fine up to my house. Rolling Eyes

I shall have to wait for the issue to reoccur to run some more tests of my own.

Have you tried a new micro filter?

Have you tried a new micro filter?

Do you work for an ISP? Wink

I haven't but I will as I've got several about.

My ISP is still saying it's line noise but cannot say why it's affecting the IPv4 connection. When I've had previous problems with line noise the line speed has simply fallen or the connection has dropped. It's possible the router isn't telling me what the real problem is though.

There's not a huge amount I can do about the line noise though, I live fairly remote and far from the exchange, so there's loads of noise on the openreach line even before it gets to the house wiring.
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