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It's a review sort of ... an Aldi product

I was going to put this in 'Recipes etc ..." but it's more of a product review.

A discovery in Aldi, 225g packets of 'Milled linseed, with sesame, blueberries and raspberries' (they also do one with gojiberries, sunflower and pumpkin seed).

Admittedly it's a bit of a lazy solution to pummelling my own with a mortar and pestle but at the moment, time is very precious and a couple of tablespoons mixed in with some Greek yoghurt makes a great standby snack for lunch.

It can be stirred into pretty much anything ... pancakes, porridge, smoothies and so on.


Sounds good. We're using the Lidl/Aldi mixed seeds and mixed fruit packs. Not bad value, the only way to get cheaper would be to buy 5 kg packs of each....

Ted has Lidl berries and cherries mix on his cereals every morning... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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