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it's an ill wind...

...that blows no fire wood down Laughing plenty of fallen branches after last nights wind.

one man and a small folding saw on a bike collected about half a cubic metre of mixed wood ,dry oak,wet sycamore and poplar.

a bit of the oak is warming the house at the mo which is a bit off for mid august but rather nice.

the wet stuff will dry eventually but fallen deadstanding is ace stuff and often better than cut green and seasoned
Mistress Rose

Just be sure the bit you cut isn't the bit that is holding up the rest of the tree Dpack, and don't pinch stuff the owner is after. Both can end up a bit nasty. We have several ash trees down or leaning, so husband and son have to go and do some cutting and extracting as we need the timber.

That reminds me I must get the wheels back on the trailer.

branches on cycle paths for the most part ,common land and the folk who passed comment thanked me for my civic service Laughing

nowt that needed a chainsaw or on private land.

Theres masses on the cycle paths round here. If only I had a fireplace.
Mistress Rose

Helpful if you clear it off cycle paths Dpack. What annoys me is the people who come into our wood and pinch stuff as we have left it to season and 'they can't want it if they leave it there' attitude. We have even had people sawing live wood off trees. As it was willow, they didn't get much, but it is very annoying when it is our property and our livelihood. They wouldn't like someone pinching money out of their pocket which is what it amounts to. We put signs up saying it is our property and asking them to leave it alone, along with not leaving litter or dogs mess and not making new paths through the flowers. Sometimes wonder if people can read. Sad

there is a lot of willow round here,that just gets moved off the path Laughing

some of the best stuff comes down the river ,it takes a while to dry out but a good flood fetches quite a few nice bits.
Mistress Rose

Willow is good if it is well seasoned, but not green. We haven't tended to use it much as it is inclined to rot easily too.
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