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It's not the royal jelly we thought it was.

It's common belief in beekeeping circles that chemicals, enzymes & extra nutrients in queen substance are needed to raise queens but it turns out the exact opposite.
The chemicals & enzymes in honey & pollen suppress worker bees ovary development.
Royal Jelly Isnít What Makes a Queen Bee a Queen Bee.
If that is correct, & I have no reason to doubt it, then feeding excess sugar which also lacks the chemicals & enzymes that repress ovary development could be a cause of laying workers?
Only hypothesing, someone else can prove it, I'm only feeding my bees sugar as a last resort.

it makes sense if an active queen suppresses the workers creating a new one and the lack of an active queen vice versa

a bit like an unfertilized female plant growing male flowers
Mistress Rose

Under extreme conditions it is possible for workers to produce eggs though isn't it? I know they will usually promote an egg or young larva if they lose the queen, and under those conditions the queen isn't usually of good quality.

An interesting report, and turns the received wisdom on its head. Reading bee books of the 16th and 17th centuries, there are some interesting assumptions in those as so much of the activity of bees is hidden. At that time they assumed that bees were 'chaste' as nobody had ever seen a mating flight, among other things.

I just reread my post & I shouldn't have said 'could be a cause' but it could be a contributory or aggravating factor to other stimuli IMHO.
Obviously it would need proving & I'm not feeding sugar to my bees. But I bet some bright spark is thinking the same, & will synthesise additives at great expense to the beekeeper, & probably only partially effective.
Food additives to bees don't need rigorous testing or approval & in many instances their efficacy are very dubious & in some even dangerous to the bees.
Stick with the real thing is my advice.
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