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It's Panto Time

Oh no it isn't...oh yes it is...etc. etc.
We're off out to this this evening. Anyone else attending any sort of festive entertainment or are you all holing up on the sofa with the Morecambe and Wise boxed set?

Edit: Link doesn't work any more because of the way that The Plough's website runs.

Ahhh, cannot stand Alice in Wonderland. Nope, hurrah. I don't get pantomimes. I appear to be watching a Santa Claus film though. Smile

Boy Wonder has put The Grinch on as an accompaniment to the tree decorating. Rolling Eyes

Have just been to kids party no1. About to do kids party 2 tomorrow. And tonight are out for a Christmas meal Shocked
Liz in Ireland

Thought this was going to be another thread on BA's makeover Laughing

Havnt been to Panto since Gerard Kelly died. Too sad.
Him and Elaine C Smith were such a good double act. had many a panto good night out.
Penny Outskirts

Oh no it isn't...

Embarassed sorry, couldn't help myself

DD and i went to see "Dick Wittington" in Plymouth with Basil Brush and Christopher Biggings with friends... 'twas most amusing Laughing

I laughed till I cried during Alice - They had Jefferson Airplane's Alice, Arlo Guthrie' Alices restaurant, Alice Cooper, the time warp, that girl with a sword in a yellow track suit - not exactly traditional but very funny. And lots of local in jokes too. There was a mix up with the seating so Sean and Ben ended up sitting on the steps and the bloke & his girlfriend who they gave up their seats for bought me a huge glass of wine!! Excellent night.

And a jabberwocky. And dancing oysters. And a Hunter S. Thompson white rabbit. And it was about an hour and a half including an interval. Flippin' brilliant.
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