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its curtains for me...

In a moment of lunacy and bartering, I agreed to make curtains for my mates van in return for him doing various repair jobs around the house that my landlord wouldn't do.
So now i have 3 pairs of 1970's corduroy curtains and a lot of sewing to do. I cant decide whether to cut off the header tape and make simple 'tube' fixings or to stick with traditional curtain hooks. he doesn't care, he just wants a dry warm lining for the van!
My caravan has complicated plastic track fittings that i have no desire to ever have to sew again, i think im over thinking this job.

so long as they have the means to be held fully open for travel i recon simple is best.
Jam Lady

What does the caravan have in the way of curtain rods?

What I did when we moved here to BelleWood Gardens - and none of the windows had any coverings - were clip on curtain rings. They have a ring, a very small dangle-y bit, and a clip. Come in packages of 10, as I recall. They work very nicely with simple rods.

Corduroy is probably sturdy enough to use "as is". For lighter weight fabrics double over so the teeth on the clips don't eventually rip through the fabric. Then just decide on the spacing, clip and go.

I would also suggest some sort of tieback be added, as dpack suggested, to keep them open while on the road.
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