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Green Rosie

Jaffa Cakes and Palm Oil

It appears McVitie's Jaffa Cakes now contain palm oil so I have posted on their FB page asking why this is the case. I got back a typical corporate waffle reply and they are now saying I should phone them to get more detailed information. I have posted that I want this kept in the public domain so if any of you fancy adding a comment that would be great. Also if you share the post it will get greater visibility.

I also wrote a post on Pradis Global's page - this being the parent company that owns McVities but they chose to not publish it. So I have added a comment to a post of theirs and maybe you might like to add a comment there too:
Mistress Rose

I added a comment to your post. I see no reason for them to use it if they didn't used to except to save money.
Green Rosie

Thank you Mistress Rose and I have replied. I will be blogging about this soon too. Apparently one of the reasons its use has recently increased is because manufacturers must now label exactly what fats are in their products including the % of trans fats - these are seen as particularly unhealthy so manufacturers have switched to palm oil as a supposedly more healthy alternative (and it is solid at room temperature making it a suitable alternative for butter in baked goods) - however some studies indicate that palm oil is not a healthy alternative.

Whilst I do try and avoid palm oil as much as possible I had a quick google about chocolate production and that throws up so many issues perhaps we should avoid cheep choccy as well?
Green Rosie

I do try and only buy expensive chocolate for me, as a treat, but the boys like chocolate for an after sport snack and at the moment I choose those without palm oil but I have not looked at the issues surrounding chocolate production as a whole Sad
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