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Japanese Style Gardening.

I have thought long and hard about re-designing our courtyard garden.and,have come to the conclusion that a Japanese style garden would look good.
I want somewhere nice to sit in the evenings,low maintainance,but still pleasing to look at.After the work garden and the aallotment, this area has been neglected.
I have been to all the local libraries to find books for inspiration,but no luck.
Can anyone recommend any books on the subject, or offer any advice.

Creating your own Japanese Garden by Takashi Sawano.

build a landscape where one part is always hidden from wherever you see it

My neighbour had a Japanese garden, unfortunately one year his peonies all died and he stabbed himself with a trowel rather than endure the shame of it.


Couple of tonnes of gravel and some monks?

I don't think it's very relaxing or low maintenance.
I barely stay on top of my OCD tendencies as it is - I'd be a nervous wreck worrying about someone or something mucking up my mandalas Embarassed

I thought that the whole point of a zen garden was that you spent every spare minute tending to it (or thinking about tending to it, at least) but, by definition, it's never quite finished?

all day preparing to rake again tomorrow is the way

simple but very high input

Any other ideas for very low maintainance?but must look good as some residents use the back gate.
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