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java updater ?thanks sorted

having swapped firefox to html5 as java has developed a bad reputation as insecure i have had a few issues with the latent java stuff trying to update itself while im doing stuff (with or without html5 running actively)and crashing the system.
i have turned it off manually using task manager to stop the j something or other exc. running and so far all seems well.

i know java is still useful for some "dinosaur"sites that have not adopted html5 but most of the time i have java turned off.

is there a simple way to leave the updater turned off(but still have java available by enabling it when required which at the mo is easy) and manually update java now and again rather than it desperately trying to update itself even when there is no new update?

tis vista pro so nowt is easy:roll: Laughing

I think you mean Flash don't you not Java? A Flash movie is the old equivalent to a HTML 5 video etc.

Flash has got a massive security hole in it that hasn't yet been patched.

Java itself isn't insecure as it runs in it's own JVM so it can't access the underlying operating system and powers a huge amount of the internet.

If you are talking about the Java plugin for the browser, which can be a pain, then that can be disabled in the browser itself from updating.

Infact unless you've got specific programs running in Java then you don't need it on your operating system at all

Javascript on the other hand is pretty much ubiquitous and if you have that disabled you'll not be able to do much!

ah i will explore what is trying to run in firefox .thanks i think you might have explained where the issue might be.

it was the flash bit i was thinking of (firefox is set to html5) but something keeps trying to update some part of something with a java basis from the browser rather than or perhaps as well as from the embedded java updater.

java toolkit 8.0 600.27 is now turned off as a firefox plug in

i will see how it goes after a restart

thanks ,much better so far

only one jushed.exc showing in task manager(the main one from the system java stuff and malawarebytes is now only using a quarter of the memory it was.i recon mab was treating it as a threat which according to the info in the plugins stuff it is .one would think that firefox might not have included it in an update.

taking the toolkit out of firefox seems to have done the job.

after a little while the main updater kicked in i now have 8.65 and all the older versions are uninstalled ,no changes to browser as requested and the test run said all is well.

everything seems to be working properly again.

thanks hal

i followed up with some serious tidying into deep crevices with industrial cleaning products and a duster and everything seems much crisper

thanks Wink
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