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Jelly making

Just bringing Gil's excellent jelly making instructions back to the fore. I've got a big pan of red currants on the go.

imho the best thing to do with black or red currants, plenty of flavour and no pips.

for a slight variation after straining reduce some of the jelly by half again for pastilles ( or dry it for pip free currant leather,notice my zero pip policy Laughing i grew up with blackcurrant jam in bulk until i learned that jelly was possible)

ps bramble jelly is nice as well but tis a fine line between jelly and burned with that one for some reason

Nice to see this article still coming in handy !

I'm with dpack on blackcurrant jelly. Not really because of pips so much as the enormous yield of jam per pound of fruit. You can have too many blackcurrants.... I only have 2 full-size bushes and 2 trainees, and that's more than enough.

The other use for them is cordial. With or without apple to tone it down.

Blackcurrant Sorbet /Ice Lollies are delish.

Forgot about that.

I'll probably make some blackcurrant vodka (cassis ?) this year.
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