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job titles

Can anyone help and give me the nice, neat english job title for the following -

(I'm teaching english to them and so they'd like to know the name)

1. someone who checks the lifespan of a given product and warns people when they're going to become obsolete. Think of a large electrical factory making components for other people / products, when things are about to be no longer made (for whatever reasons) they need to let their customers know they will no longer be available/ any parts available.
'Gestion d'obsolecence' I don't really think 'administration of obsolescent or management of things becoming obsolete' fits. Obsolescence administrator?

2. a warehouse worker who does everything from loading, packaging, driving the fork-lift truck etc. Warehouse operator?

It's amazing the english technical language needed sometimes! And then I keep forgetting english words, if only they were being replayed by french words!

ps. Simon congrats on your new job. Sounds perfect.

1 Asset Life Manager

2 Warehouse worker


2. Logistics Support Staff

Thanks - they sound good!

An asset would be something you own, not something you produce, in terms of manufacturing. I'd prefer Production Life Manager. Sadly, the people who do this for us are titled in German, and I only have a laptop, so I can't get all of the word on one screen. Wink

Spose so. Iwas just trying to destabilise the European Unions.

What about Customer Asset Life Liason Manager.
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