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John Cooper Clarke

At a venue near me tonight. Other venues are available. I shall report back. I do love a family outing.

Am I in terrible trouble if I say he makes my teeth itch

Nah. I appreciate that he's a bit Marmitey. Last time I saw him I was a student and he was only doing 20 minutes.

Really enjoyed it.
The support act Mike Garry was great too.
JCC did a lot of the 'Greatest Hits' but some newer stuff too and seemed genuinely chuffed when someone in the audience requested one of his more recent poems.
And he made a little video for us.
It's only on our fb page at the moment
I appear to have sorting out a Plough youtube channel as a job for Monday. Smile

Chicken town?

Yep! and Beasley st. Ben enjoyed it, though was dismayed that half of his school staff seemed to be there!

there is hope for education with staff like that Laughing
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