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Jugged Hare


  • Put jointed hare in a bowl with 2 tbs of oil

  • 1/2 pint of red wine

  • Marjoram,sliced onion,a few cloves,bay leaves and salt and pepper.

  • Three chopped carrots

  • Three chopped sticks of celery,

  • Juice and rind of one orange

  • Bouquet garni

  • One pint of stock.

  • Cornflour (enough to thicken the gravy)

  • A splash of port

  • 2tbs of red currant jelly


  1. Leave the joints to marinade for 6hrs (can be left for up to 24 hours)

  2. Fry the joints until brown.

  3. Add the marinade,the chopped carrots and chopped sticks of celery, juice and rind of one orange,bouquet garni and a pint of stock.

  4. Bring to the boil then place in the oven for 3 to31/2 hrs at gas 3 or 160c.

  5. Strain off the juices and thicken with cornflour.

  6. Add the port and 2tbs of red currant jelly.


Serve with buttery mash and red cabbage. Gorgeous.

To age a hare you need to give it a good examination. Look at the fur is it grey round the muzzle if yes you've got a pensioner. Look at the teeth, and the paws, young hares will have soft fluffy feet and not much visible claw, old ones will have hard claws sticking out. Finally rip the ear, if it tears easily its a sure sign its young. Ageing hares is vital, as it depends how you cook them. Young meat can be cooked anyway you want once jointed, just remember it has a very strong flavour. I would recommend jugged hare if you are a hare virgin.
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