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July foraging?

Its being a funny old year out there, the spring stuff that I am most confident with is going over- I've usually stopped bothering with nettles, jack by the hedge, lime and hawthorne leaves and similar by now- but its a good while before most of fruits come in (although I have seen one lonely wild strawberry desperately hoping for some sun). Its also so soggy that everything is bolting furiously.

What ought I to be foraging for about now that isnt going to be past it or waterlogged?

Elderflowers are in full bloom here. Good for cordial, fritters and wine making. Also lots of navelwort if you want something fresh and green tasting.

The mushroom boys seem to be having some success, but nothing here.

elderflowers are just starting to go over here, but hopefully some still worth having. Fritters is a good call, haven't had any yet this year
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