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Mrs Mouse

Just a quick hello from me...

I've been lurking a bit lately so thought i should say hi reallly and join in a bit more! I used to be pigsandpoultry and posted on here about a year ago having been forced for financial and sanity reasons to give up our tiny holding in the coutryside and move to a mid terrace in the middle of town. I had hoped a year ago to find a new version of the life we had but it's been a bit of a tricky year and things haven't exactly gone the way i was imagining. However, things seem to be back on track i think and the new year seems a pretty good time to start making plans for the year ahead. So i hope to become a more frequent visitor to the forum again, it will be a much needed distraction from studying for my PGCE! Happy New Year from Mrs Town (hopefully one day country again) Mouse! Very Happy

Welcome back. Good luck. Smile

Hello and welcome back... Very Happy

Hello! Welcome back Laughing

I'm country mouse turned town mouse (albeit the tiny town of Ludlow) and I'm happy to say that 8 months in and i'm thriving. Heard yesterday that I've got an allotment within easy walking distance now too. Very pleased Very Happy .
It does take some adjustment but i think if you can look forward and not back too often, the change is great.

Welcome back Cool
Mrs Mouse

Thanks all. We have just started informally renting 5 acres a few miles away for our 2 ponies so i'm hoping to have some ducks up there to make the most of the stream and some chickens again and plant a few useful things up there too. Trying to ronovate the house on a shoe string and in a sustainable manner too. Lots to do!! Smile
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