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Just a whiff of the barmaids apron.

A whiff of the Barmaids Apron?'

I picked these Brown Snout cider apples yesterday. The trug represents my entire yearly crop of this variety. There's obviously not very many of them but in there defence, the trees they came from, haven't been in the ground that long and it's very much an improvement on last year. Over the weekend, they'll be going into the mix for what will be our final apple pressing session of the season. As few of them as there are, there should be enough to add just a little to the taste of the final product. 'A whiff of the barmaids apron' Smile
They'll be added to a mixture of Michelin and Dabinett apples. This year our orchards have produced tons and tons of them.
Weather permitting, today will see me crawling around beneath the trees picking as many as I can. Smile
There are hundreds of varieties of cider apples but they are categorised by character and taste into groups. Brown Snout is classed as being a 'Bitter Sweet.


Nice looking apples.

There's something slightly pervy and exiting about "A whiff of the Barmaids Apron" Embarassed

A pervy barmaid ? Shocked That's many a drinking mans idea of a dream come true ! Laughing

I've been on my hands and knees all morning in the grass. Not with a barmaid I hasten to add but picking windfalls. Its rather like a big boys version of collecting conkers. I've really enjoyed it but I've got a lot more to do and heavy rain is forecast for this afternoon. Very Happy

named because of the russetting on the skin?

Yes I think so. We've touched on this before but there are loads of weird and wonderful names out there for varieties of apples and other fruits too.

The name is reminiscent of my region's "sheep's nose" which is also quite good for cider:

Ours is more snout shaped than yours Razz

this post prompted me to check on my cassis.
thanks Bodger!
I hope the rain kept off for your apple hunt!

does a bloody ploughman match up with a stinking bishop? Laughing

Slack-ma-Girdle has got to be one of my favourite cider apple names, its an old variety of cider apple that's origins began in the South-West of England.
I've got to pick a few more apples today and then I'll be ready for our final pressing of the season tomorrow, weather permitting.

We picked six more trugs full yesterday. The number of blackbirds beneath the trees sharing the fallen apples with us was amazing. Smile
Mistress Rose

I got my quince wine into the demi-john last night. Not so colourful names but still along the same lines.

You all know me as being a bit of a show off. Embarassed We made another 55 gallons of cider today, so that handful of Brown Snout apples really did make for a sniff of the barmaids apron. Very Happy The press has been put away for another year.

I've never had any experience with growing or brewing quinces but they do sound rather old fashioned and interesting.

Happy and successful brewing to everyone. Wine

i just made 3 l of quince jelly and im now convinced they are nice (unlike the type my parents grew which were horrible ) .

i recon pulp fermented in juice and strained and then added to more apple juice they would make an awesome special brew cider

the new orchard might get a couple of them to add to the variety available.

well done for a 55 gal day at the end of the season.

my latest 15 ltr is a bit domestic in comparison but it is doing a rather good lava lamp impersonation in the kitchen Laughing
Mistress Rose

You did well with your cider Bodger. I make quince jelly, quince brandy (quinces soaked in brandy for a nice long time), and quince wine. Occasionally also do them poached in water as I don't think they need any other flavouring.

Some added to cider might be nice. Not a great fan of cider with other fruits, but that might go well.

Those quince creations, especially the brandy finds me almost wishing for a hard cold winter and glass of quince brandy in front of a roasting hot log fire. Wine
Mistress Rose

It is quite acceptable without the log fire. Very Happy
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