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Azura Skye

Just Bananas (Banana Ice Cream)


  • Bananas! As many as you can eat in one sitting.


  1. Peel bananas.

  2. Chop into fine slices.

  3. Spread onto a plate or shallow dish.

  4. Place in freezer and freeze overnight, or until banana slices are frozen.

  5. When frozen, place slices into a food processor using an S blade.

  6. Turn on and cover your ears as it will make a noise!

  7. It takes about 10 minutes for the bananas to pass the chopped up stage and move into the wonderful creamy stage.

  8. Keep it whizzing until the bananas resemble soft serve ice cream.

  9. As soon as it's all turned into this soft, whipped texture - eat immediately!

  10. If using a masticating juicer, attach correct nozzle/tip that doesn't have a mesh on it. Press in chunks of bananas and it should come out as a thick ice cream. See machine handbook for details.


Easy recipe to play about with, can add pistachios, raisins, other frozen fruits like peaches - use your imagination! But really delicious on its own.
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