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Sally Too

Just did Prelim Beek Exam & Prac

So this morning was the bee-keeping exam. No surprises with the questions (except a slightly tricky one on Heather Honey processing)

Then the practical which seemed to go okay... (well okay the examiner gave me the nod Smile )

Results not out yet....

But bees are fun! I've enjoyed the course and as some-one in our group said - we are all a bit eccentric, do you think it's a pre-requisite for becoming a beekeeper? Laughing

I bet you're buzzing... Very Happy
Sally Too

Yes but I'm going to bee-hive! Laughing
Nell Merionwen

you really are the bee's knees....

Oh, behave!

You bee's wax lyrical if you want.... Rolling Eyes
Sally Too

This is about the stage in the conversation my hubby would bring out his favourite joke...

What goes ZUB ZUB ZUB?

Rosemary Judy

A bee going backwards!
Sally Too

Cool Laughing Laughing Rolling Eyes

Well done Smile. Our first group did their Basic exam (English equivalent) the other week...including one retired bee farmer who used to have several hundred colonies and is now a welcome addition to our tutor/mentoring group.

Next batch later in the year should include several teenagers who did their Junior exam with us last year.

All good stuff Smile.
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