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Blue Sky

Just spotted Sanglier

That's wild boar if you didn't know.

Went down the garden to sort our pigs out and to my amazement a huge black Sanglia came running across the field - into the pig pen - out the other side and over the fence into the next field. Didn't bat an eyelid at our leccy fence.

I'm well chuffed. Been in France for 3 years and not seen one until today. No doubt La Chasse will be through soon. Confused

Sanglier Wink
Blue Sky

Very Happy I'm not a ruddy "proof reader" you know Wink

Well we saw one after we left you and got to HWH's he was only a little guy and manages to slip in with one of her sows. Curios little fella, and he didn't run away.

All I thought of when I saw him was Sausage, but apparently he was to small Laughing

Still hoping to visit one day, Simon. Is the 12 guage welcome as well, still? Very Happy
Blue Sky

You're welcome, anytime. Not so sure about getting the gun through customs however. (and I think you may well upset the local "Chasse" guys)
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