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Just why do they have to do it?

What the heck starts them off? I now have two lots of chickens eating eggs :no: I've got lots of young stuff off them, so I'm tempted to get rid of them, either by turning them into chicken pies, or getting them off to market for someone else to sort out.
These hens were due to be replaced anyhow but as to why they should suddenly start this game is beyond me.
I suppose that another option is to install roll away nest boxes but why should I? The ungrateful little gits ! They get the best of everything as it is.

What do folks think about this little gizmo/ has anyone tried them? They're certainly cheap enough.

What about the other roll away nest boxes on Fleabay? scratch

I tried plastic rollaway nest boxes. Placed straight on the floor of the house they were useless, any flake of sawdust stopped the egg rolling away. I think they would work better fixed to a shelf off the floor.

The ones I had were also quite small and the hens weren't that keen on using them.

I spent a couple of weeks watching the birds intensely, culled three hens and the cockerel and now all is fine.

Re: Just why do they have to do it?

or getting them off to market for someone else to sort out.

That's a bit tight! Surprised

I know! I know! Embarassed

I've just ordered four of them. I've spoken to the vendor and she says that most people fit them into existing nest boxes using pieces of batton to get the plastic inserts off the floor.
The most annoying thing is that a very good young cockerel has also joined in.

I know! I know! Embarassed


I'd eat them, at least it's only tight on the culprits Wink

Iff the plastic inserts don't fix it I'd eat them .

Hang a bag of Tandoori powder up in their house Laughing

Yup Laughing An early marinating might just might have to be the answer. Melli-Jane

hi, we have the same issue - either the hens or the magpies mean we get probably only 10% of our eggs. I have just bought 4 of those nestboxes off ebay 2nd hand, my intention is to fit them in the house and the connect them to a small length of drainpipe at right angles into a collection box.
we have tried rubber eggs to no avail and cannot work out which hens are responsible....i think its a combination of the magpies starting them off and a couple of rogue hens. mine are young ixworths for breeding but so far the incubator hasnt yet seen an egg Mad Mad Mad

Better late than never, here's the completed roll away nest box for two of the inserts. How I've arranged it, the eggs actually roll forward and out of the way of the chicken. The eggs roll from the back of the box to the front of it. I don't know if you can make it out from the photo, but there's a little door at the front of the box so that I can collect the eggs.


excellent! chickenlady

Proper job Very Happy madcat

I hope it works ok. talabavin

Most often its one of those weird soft eggs that turn up when suddenly they had a day with no calcium in it for some reason. Then they walk on it and burst it, and suddenly you have an egg eater.
Obvious question maybe but are your laying boxes dark? If they can see the eggs that also encourages egg eating.

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