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keeping an open tin of fish

I didn't quite know where to put it, but decided (as always! Smile) in favour of frugality. So here's my question:
I open a tin of sardines, anchovies, tuna or the like, and I only use half. Is it ok to keep the rest in the open tin, and put the tin in a closed plastic container in the fridge till the next day? Or will the tin affect the fish? I know it used to, but these days I hope they make the tins different.
Somehow I would not do that with a tin of tomatoes, as they are acid, but fish isn't.
Thanks! Annemieke.
Mistress Rose

Keeping it for just one day shouldn't do any harm, but why not turn the fish out into a bowl or something and cover that with a saucer to store in the fridge? That way there is no risk of contamination.

I would always take it out of the tin, especially if the fish is in brine/salt. As far as im aware they haven't changed the tins and the advice remains the same. Better safe than sorry I would say and preventing any health problems (no matter how minute the chance might be) is surely worth more than saving washing the extra dish/Tupperware.

Out of the tin for sure, I would do this if I was serving the fish to a cat. I don't like fish so cats are the only tinned fish eaters in my life.

Ok ok! I feel suitably chastised. I like your cat by the way madcat, or is it you?
Ta A.

It's a swimming cat from the Internet , obviously unimpressed by water.

I can be just as grumpy but not too often. Laughing
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