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Killing squirrels...

I have been asked about a squirrel problem. They plan to set traps, but assuming that they work, that leaves the problem of disposing of the squirrels... plenty of options once they are dead, but what is the humane way to make them so?

Air rifle to the head

Seconded - by far the quickest and most humane way. The first time you try to wrestle with a live squirrel you'll see why.

Squirrel wrestling is not for the faint of heart

I believe I saw a TV programme where they were emptied into a hessian sack and then battered with heavy sticks !

I would go with the "airgun" route I think.

with a fenn number 4 or other suitable trap( if properly set a figure 4 deadfall is instant)the problem is avoided .(a weighted or sprung noose in a tube is also fairly quick but i recon not as kind as possible so if improvising i recon drop a heavy thing on its head is best.

peanut butter or mushrooms or ham or cheese are all good baits .the ham n cheese i learnt about cos they were stealing my food.

what they said re head shot ,it takes a bit of patience to get the aim with a mobile critter in a cage trap but tis far better than trying to get hands on with a scared ,strong,fast ,bitey little beast.

a clean kill type of trap in a "bycatch" box with tube entrances is best imho

shoot em free range can be done but beware the backstop issue cos up into a tree isnt very safe Wink

edit ps they are quite robust so 12ftlb min and a diagonal chest shot will be fairly instant like rats.head shot best .

bbq or stew depend on age ,any older than a few months are best stewed

A second vote for squirrel stew here - it's delicious
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