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kitchen tile painting

Has anyone had a go at decorating plain white tiles? If so, was it successful and what paint did you use? I've got a whole lot of plain white tiles that I would like to decorate for the kitchen, but I'm not sure where to start.

Are they on the walls or can you decorate them before putting them up?
There are porcelain paints that will work, some you can bake in the oven to fix them, the ones we used to sell were by pebeo and called porcelain 150 but I'm sure there are others around now days?
We also did a ceramic paint that was just painted on suitable for prefixed tiles but it did come off if it was scrubbed or the wrong cleaner used.
A google search for porcelain paints brings up suppliers, YouTube clips and more.
stumbling goat

I did it many years ago, 2 coats special tile primer paint, then the topcoat. Worked fine. Looked good.

Speak to a specialist paint seller, Brewers or similar. for advice on the primer.


They aren't on the wall, so I can have a go before commiting myself. I did look up tile decorating paint on the internet and it did come up with porcelain paint but I wasn't sure if this was the right thing. Now I know I can give it a go.
It seems you can get pens too but not sure how enduring they will be?

The paint in the pens is the same. As uun the pots normally, we had people get a few pens to draw in the details after painting
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