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Knit your own foraging bag

If you are sick of knitting winter woollies, here's a quick and easy thing to make to take foraging with you Very Happy

I did this on the sock machine, but I reckon it could be done equally fast on a flatbed machine or in an evening by more traditional methods.

Basically, knit an open tube out of crochet cotton (a trick if you havent got big needles or are using a machine, knit twice as many stitches as you need (I used 84) then 'drop' every other stitch at the end, as those wales of knitting unravel you get a much looser open mesh.)

Gather the bottom loops together and secure , thread a cord through half the stitches at the top and repeat for a pair of handles, and voila, a string bag that folds to matchbox size and weight almost nothing. Perfect for always having ready for that bit of forage when out and about.

This was a prototype, for the next one I'm going to add plaited string handles for comfier carrying, but I'm pleased with it as a quick first attempt.

Hi Sally,

Are you going to start making them? A small model might be useful for mushrooms, but I would lose most of them out of that bag!!!

Its not as big as it looks, thats a pair of hiking socks stuffed into that bag, but yep, I could make some, I have some improvements in mind that would make it a prettier bag with a heavier base which might be good for shrooming
Green Man

i thought it looked a s big as a hay net until you said that. Very Happy

Embarassed Ohhhhhh, its a close-up ...
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