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knitted slippers idea


I have a pattern for a pair of knitted slippers that my Mum passed on to me - it's very simple and all made up from squares. I haven't got round to making a pair up yet, but would it make a suitable subject for an article? I can take pics as I go, and the yarn requirements are very small - ideal for using up odds and ends.

Yes please Arch, i'd like to see how to make some of them.

Ok, I'll get onto it just as soon as I've finished the tank top for the nephew, the sock-slippers for Mum, and the knitted cockroach (no, really!) for a fellow student... Smile

That would be really neat, knitting is ever so popular now and we're quite thin on articles in that area.

Ok, well, I hope to get it sorted this weekend. Smile

I'd love to have the info too. 'knitted cockroach' Very Happy

thrifty wrote:
I'd love to have the info too. Very Happy

its in the articles Thrifty Very Happy
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