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Remote living


Sounds like the place my old boss went on holiday to.

On the first day, he rang me in a panic from a pub, asking me to look through the papers in his office (a thankless task at the best of times) to find the address of the cottage.

Phone me back the next day to say it was easy to find in fact. It was the only place for miles with a roof Laughing

they have a road for a mile or so along the the loch but it isnt a public road nor is it very busy ,
boat or walk anywhere else
very remote ,really, very very remote for the uk
nice landscape and climate if one likes arctic to atlantic
ace hills ,shopping arrives by boat from malaigh ,

if you want really really remote ,it would be an option

very lumpy unless very wet ,sometime the wet bit gets lumpy

Not remote enough for my liking Laughing

saw this bizarre story linked on the same page

A new laser designed to temporarily blind people is going to be trialled by police.

Being targeted by the beam has been compared to staring into the sun before being forced to turn away.

Similar devices have already been used by British and American troops in Afghanistan to help protect convoys from attack.

Wonder how long it blinds people for?

another link from the same page
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