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Anyone making this?
I caught the end of a programme mentioning beetroot kvass..
Jam Lady

People do not seem to be rushing to reply to you, gz. I took a look in The Art of Russian Cooking by Nina Nicolaieff and Nancy Phelan, published 1969. The kvass recipe they provide is made from black bread and yeast, plus raisins and sugar. "It is the great drink of the Russian peasant and is frequently mentioned in Rssian literature." Their recipe claims to be non-alcoholic, but it is refrigerated fairly soon.

This is the "normal" kvass but there are other drinks which might be regarded as variations - Yablochinkvas = cider; Grusheviikvas = perry, made from pears; Malinovoi = from raspberries.

No mention of beet kvass, sorry to say.

I'm dimly aware of kvass but I've never tasted or made it. It's fermented, right? any help?

Edit - turn the volume down for the "filler" music, yikes.

In the depths of a thread from 2011 lurks beet kvass link

Thanks Sean Smile

The first jar is beet and ginger kvass, the second is the latest batch, carrot with ginger, turmeric and orange (peel).

Tastes good on its own and useful in smoothies and soups. Very Happy
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