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john of wessex

Lacklustre Lettuce

Last year we grew lettuce in one of these

We used Lidl Compost and broke up packs of their 'living salad' to provide plants.

It worked very well

This year however the plants are just sulking, they havnt grown much if at all despite having been out for a month or so and what I have harvested has been tough.

They are up against a south facing wall, but are sheltered on the eastern side by the extension but are in full sun from about 12 until 5 or 6

Any suggestions?

Did you re-use the same compost/potting mix? If so, it's likely just less nitrogen than your lettuces would like. After a winter of sitting out in the rain, a lot of the small amount of nitrogen that one would find in a container like that will be lost to the atmosphere and leached out of the soil mix.

If you're working with fresh mix, than I would check to make sure that it's not getting too much water, as that can cause nitrogen deficiency symptoms as well (rotten roots unable to get the nitrogen that is there)

Good to hear from you, Slim!
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