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land to work?

Anyone have any land i could come and take some rabbits for the pot? Im looking at some land around Swindon Cirencester Marlborough purton Wooten bassett. anywhere within about 30 mins drive of swindon. Id like permission to work my whippet with ferrets also maybe take a few pigeons with a gun. fully insured am a safety officer have gun skills and have my game hygiene cert. respect livestock and leave thing as i found them all holes back filled. Gates shut behind. You dont ask you dont get so i thought id be cheeky and ask hope people dont mind.

Have you found that fb group that has requests and offers, Matty? Val posted the link on my greenmeadow timeline yesterday.

yeah been on there a couple mths now
Colin & Jan

Best advice I can give would be to contact local gamekeepers/shoots and undertake some beating. If your face fits and you can be trusted the keeper and beaters will help you to find something. If you can give up any time in the week to beat you will be much sough after. Generally shooting people/farmers/keepers are very reluctant to give permission until you are known and trusted. I'm sure there are a number of shoots in the Marlborough area that would be keen for your services.


keep knocking on farmers doors mate . dress smart . dont turn up with with dog and gun . be polite even if refused permission
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