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Last Week's Trip to Seatown

Evening All,

Been busy moderating on another site, but popped in to tell you of last week's trip.

Got setup before dusk, nice in the Sun.

As soon as it set though, temperatures really plummeted.

Just as it got dark though, the rod tip rattled, waited for it to come back& struck

First Bass of the season, only a foot long so safely returned.

What size do they have to be?

Hi Gawber,

Maff minium landing size is 36cm, but anglers don't like to take them under 44cm as below that, they won't have even spawned yet.

Wotcher. Very Happy Wildly off-topic but we've found the source of at least some of the damp in the back wall. Rolling Eyes

Seatown,our beach of choice.

Mods don't go off topic Sean Very Happy

Internal plumbing leak?

Gardening Girl, was that you that joined GC a few weeks ago? Forgot to pop back & check Embarassed

Arr. The previous occupants had plastered over some compression joints. Mad

It happens quite a bit. Had a stand up arguement with a "damp proofing company" who were trying to charge a client thousands to fix the "rising damp"

It was 6 foot up the wall and they were oblivious to the fact that because of the way the house was built, it was effectively on the second floor.

Now i've seen damp rise a few feet, but never 2 storeys.
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