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Late October Flush Porcini/Penny Buns

Found these on Friday, pretty late in season for the area usually pretty much finished by end September!! Was only looking for Hedgehogs and Winter Chanterelles!!!! Very Happy

This mild autumn has been fabulous for mushrooms. Here some photos I've taken:

Last weekend saw huge numbers of Porcini, most now dried for later, with the remainder used in several dishes! Also several nice Parasols. Sometimes difficult to walk without standing on Porcini - left 10 times the number picked.



Lots of parasols drying in the rayburn but it's about time I added another mushroom to my list of those I definitely recognise and can safely collect. I miss finding chanterelles but there are none on the farm.

How sweet my spell checker wanted to change that to chanticleers. (My spell checker is far too opinionated and often changes words without even mentioning it to me!)

Nice Penny Buns

Nice pictures JP and Raptire!
Where in the country are you finding them? I've looked all over somerset and wiltshire for penny buns this year and found virtually nothing.
Actually I've found very little in the way of any species of bolete.
Still hoping for a late flush near me but not holding my breath.


I'm in Cumbria Bill ! Laughing

could you help me?
Take a look on my post " ITalian in Yorkshire" ..!

Don't want to know your secret spot of course...But just some advice, CUmbria is not too far and i go sometimes there for a walking...
next weekend will be probably the last for foraging and i moved in uk on august and can't find anything until now... Smile
send me a pm / mail...!
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